Old Town Automobile does not finance directly and we are not affiliated with any financing company.  We will be glad to work with whatever financing company you choose.  Several options are listed below/  If you are a member of a credit union, be sure to check your credit union’s rates. Often, they give very competitive rates. Want an idea of what your payment might be? Click here for a payment calculator tool by


Heacock Classic Car Insurance has been in business for more than 80 years. With their experience and different levels of coverages, they are able to customize each policy to fit your individual needs. To visit the Heacock website and get a free quote, please click below. ParishHeacockBanner


Old Town Auto will be happy to provide you with a custom shipping quote in the domestic United States.   Whether domestic or international, we will work closely with a professional and insured company to ensure your car arrives safely. We recommend enclosed shipping for any shipping other than local, in order to protect your new vehicle from road damage. If you have any questions about how shipping works, feel free to call us at 301.855.9029. You are welcome to use any shipper you like.  Or, get a quote from the shipper we use to ship our own cars: Contact Lori Mancini at 365 Car Transport: #908-721-1526 *Old Town Auto not affiliated

Important!  Disclaimer:

Old Town Automobile is not affiliated with any shipping, insurance or finance company.

As a courtesy to our clients, we will work with whatever company you select and we can provide a recommendation on a shipping provider, but we are not responsible for any services provided by said company.

Once a vehicle is paid for and leaves our lot, we are not responsible for its delivery.  99% of all vehicles arrive at their destination safe and sound.  Accidents, however, do happen and that is beyond our control.  

We recommend using a licensed and insured shipper and making sure that you secure your own insurance on the vehicle before it is shipped.  We also recommend enclosed shipping to protect the vehicle.

As a courtesy, we will be glad to help you arrange shipping details if you choose.  However, the payment for shipping is separate from the price of the car and will be made directly to the shipping provider.