Old Town Automobile doesn’t “FANTASY-PRICE” our vehicles. That means we’ve priced our vehicles close to what we’ve invested in them. When we buy a vehicle, we look for “good deals” – quality cars at prices set low enough that we can make a few updates to the car and still make a small profit. The question between us as seller and you as buyer is…WHAT’S REASONABLE?

At Old Town Auto, our best customer really is an educated customer. Many buyers have become accustomed to haggling $5,000 to $10,000 off the price of a vehicle. What? How is it possible that there can be that much room in the price? Because many sellers are hoping you’ll be OK paying their super-high fantasy price. If you balk at the price, they’ll lower it. If you’re aggressive, you may successfully negotiate the price down by thousands of dollars. And, you feel great about it, until you realize the compromise you’ve made is the quality of a car that shouldn’t have been priced anywhere close to what they were asking.

Don’t assume a $50,000 Chevelle on one lot is comparable to a $50,000 Chevelle on another.

We don’t play that game. The people who know us, know we have quality cars. We price them reasonably to cover our costs. We usually have at least a little room to negotiate, but not always. Sometimes, the price we post is already at our “bottom line” on the car. It doesn’t mean you’re not getting a good deal. It just means we don’t have any further wiggle room or we’ll have to take a loss on a car.

The good news is that we have some of the absolute LOWEST OVERHEAD COSTS IN THE BUSINESS. We own our cars and showroom outright. We have a stellar – but small – staff. We try to keep our marketing costs low. No professional videography that adds to the price of the car. At Old Town, the dealership owner takes the walk-around video – for free. And, guess what?

The lower the overhead, the better we can price our vehicles, and the better deal for you. SOUND REASONABLE?